Click & Collect

Smart Click & Collect solutions

You can now manage the Click & Collect process entirely according to consumer expectations.

Goods ordered are simply stored in our Click & Collect lockers – in the store, at an external collection point or any other place where the goods can be collected, for example in the evening or at the weekend.


NEWS! Click, Collect & Return Fashion

65% of customers now order their clothes online, but want to collect them in-store. They have previously had to put up with the same queues as other customers, but with our lockable Click, Collect & Return Fashion system the process is smoother.

  • Automated lockers offer a different level of service, permitting customers to collect or return goods in-store without the need to queue at a checkout.
  • This creates a more seamless experience between online and in-store.
  • Shorter queues and improved service by offering a separate area for customers collecting online orders

NEWS! Click & Collect Grocery

We are now introducing a Click & Collect solution for groceries. Using Click & Collect Grocery, your online customers can choose to collect all their groceries, including hot or frozen goods, from a locked collection locker. They no longer need to be at home for deliveries. They can choose to collect their goods themselves when it suits them best. ITAB’s new temperature-controlled Click & Collect lockers for groceries are the world’s first device that can store botht dry, cold and frozen groceries.

  • Click & Collect lockers can be located in-store – or in any other suitable place, even outside as they cope with all weather conditions
  • The lockers can be placed in locations where you do not have a physical store, which means that you can expand your market area
  • Lower costs than for home delivery as all goods are delivered to one location rather than many different ones