Self-service units frees up staff at Budgens

A transformed checkout experience in Budgens frees up staff to act as hosts








United Kingdom

The challenge

Budgens is believed to be one of the oldest supermarket brands in Great Britain (founded in 1872). Initially a small, local grocer, the company has expanded and over time the Budgens name appeared on a number of stores throughout the South of England, establishing a reputation for servicing the local communities around England’s high streets and suburban towns with quality products.

Budgens aim was to give their shoppers a better experience, providing a choice of either being served or serving themselves at the checkout, and they turned to us to get a new ‘front end’ concept. The use of self-service units frees up staff to act as hosts in the area, offering help and assistance where required and providing a more personal approach to this service area. In addition, there are no closed checkout lanes to irritate customers – the units are ‘always open’.

The solution

Working with Budgens in-house team and their POS supplier, Point Four (an existing ITAB customer), ITAB Shop Products UK have created a much improved checkout arena in their Belsize Park convenience store in London. We installed nine of our MoveFlow modular self checkouts with and without OEM cash, including a Hybrid version which can also be ‘manned’ to serve customers at peak times.

The result

They also benefited from the ITAB UK Group ‘all inclusive’ service, as we acted as Principle Contractor for the rip-out and fit-out, managing all the various trades and services required including the fabrication and installation of the bespoke canopy, the ancillary fixtures and equipment including shelving systems, bespoke BWS glass fronted modules and under shelf lighting from Nordic Light.

From an operational perspective, the store has a more flexible service, which avoids staff ‘idle’ time (sitting at empty checkouts), frees up space for selling, and is less expensive to run – critical in a time of rising costs.

It is our first installation for Budgens and initial feedback on the operation of units is good. It is interesting to note that, so far, the store is always ‘manning’ one of the Hybrids to give the perception of service, and that they have now requested the recommended signage pack which we will be installing shortly.

Project group

ITAB Shop Products UK, Mark Newell, Sales Director and Gary Stiles,  Project Manager
ITAB Shop Concept UK, Darren Riggio, Account Manager
ITAB Prolight UK, Alex French, Sales Engineer
ITAB Scanflow, Carl Letho, Key Account Manager,  Ahmad Amin, Quality Manager and Mats Berggren, POS Manager


ITAB Shop Products UK, Mark Newell, Sales Director


  • MoveFlow Modular and Hybrid self-service checkouts
  • 50 mm Shelving System and bespoke accessories, including glass-fronted fixtures
  • Bespoke canopies
  • Under-shelf lighting from Nordic Light
  • Principle Contractor services



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