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In order to create a successful store experience, you need to influence all the customer’s senses.

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15 March 2020

The key to success

Timing is critical – you need to do the right thing at the right time, to create the right energy, feelings and behaviours for different shopping missions and customer journeys.

The key to success for any store is customer experience in all the senses. It’s crucial to design for the ears, as well as for the eyes. Good sensory design actually is the first step, the second is to be creative and dynamic, changing the store experience according to time of day, day of week, season – even on the fly, as customers change in numbers, energy, demographics or ethnicity.


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Our answer is Piri

Think about how you can respond to your customer needs, dynamically. You can do this with Piri.

Piri provides professional light, sound, and visual media control, three critical components in creating an optimum customer experience. By designing for all the senses, and then using Piri for dynamic control, you too can increase shop at Dwell time, Spend, Satisfaction and Loyalty.

Make shopping in your store a dynamic experience your customers will never forget, and they will be back.

Join world-renowned sound expert Julian Treasure in a series of five short lessons, looking at how all of our senses can influence our consumption habits and behaviors.


Julian Treasure is the chair of the Sound Agency, a firm that advises worldwide businesses — offices, retailers, airports — on how to design the sound in their physical spaces and communication. He asks us to pay attention to the sounds that surround us. How do they make us feel: productive, stressed, energized, acquisitive?

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