Creating a Sustainable Future!

ITAB proudly support Wildhood Foundation

55 elephants are killed every day for their tusks

In Africa’s wilderness there is a battle to defend wild animals against poachers. More than 20 000 elephants are killed annually for the illegal trade in ivory and today only about 400 000 wild elephants remain on the continent.

If it continues like this the elephant risk to get extinct in the wild within our lifetime.


Supporting Wildhood Foundation

The ITAB Group has decided to take an active part in creating a sustainable future.

We do this by supporting Wildhood Foundation.

Manufacturing 55 wooden elephants

Recently there was an event in Stockholm to put light on the poaching of elephants.

ITAB Shop Concept Nässjö was happy to manufacture 55 wooden elephants that was on display at the event.


Adopt an elephant

You can adopt one of the powerful wooden elephants. First come first serve, there is only 55 of them!

Contact the Wildhood Foundation for more information on


ITAB Shop Concept Nässjö

ITAB Shop Concept in Nässjö is a modern enviromentally-friendly production site with a sustanability focus. 


Long-term strategy for sustainability

We have reduced waste material by 1/3 in our new machine line, and always use environmentally friendy chemicals.  We use wood that is evironmentally appropriate.

We try to take steps towards a sustainable future every day.


Learn about ITAB Shop Concept Nässjö

ITAB – a proactive partner

Developing new sustainable shop concepts, solutions and products and ensuring resource-efficient production and good working conditions within ITAB creates value both for us and for you as our customer – and sustainability is an important part of what we offer.

We will be a proactive partner and offer effective, sustainable solutions to you as our customer. This means that we have a good knowledge of how our products can contribute to more efficient processes in your business, thus contributing to a more sustainable value chain.


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