The impact of Multisensory Experiences

Learn about the impact of multisensory experiences with bestselling author and sound expert Julian Treasure.

Part 1. The growing importance of sensory experience

Learn how to increase sales using multisensory experiences.

Join world-renowned sound expert Julian Treasure in a series of five short lessons, looking at how all of our senses can influence our consumption habits and behaviours.

A well-thought-out store experience affects the customer in a number of inter-connected ways. All of your senses can affect your feelings, your thinking, and how you behave. It is called cross-modal perception.

Part one will provide you with an introduction to multisensory experience.

Part 2. Influencing physiology, psychology, cognition & behaviour

To maintain profitability, Retailers now must meet the increasing expectations of customers in terms of creating more engaging store environments and better, more memorable customer experiences.

Online retail might be convenient and easy for the customer and offer low prices. But one thing that online retailers will never be able to offer is multisensory experience. Research shows clearly that many more shoppers will go to a physical store if it offers an appealing atmosphere. In this second part we look at influencing shopper Physiology, Psychology, Cognition and Behaviour.

Part 3. Sight drives influence, inspiration & recall

You get most of your information through your eyes.

As a result, the visual impression of your store is crucial in terms of a customer’s willingness to engage and purchase. That is why it is important to consider the design of your store as theatre.

In this third part Julian Treasure, one of the world's most renowned experts on sensory experience, talks about how sight drives influence, inspiration & recall.

Part 4. The influence of sound on dwell times and sales

Sound, and most of all music, has a great impact on consumers when they are in stores.

With music, it is possible to influence people's feelings and how they will act.

Research clearly shows that it is possible to influence people's choices solely by means of sound.

In this fourth part, we will explore the influence of sound on dwell times and sales.

Part 5. Delivering measurable return of experience

In order to create a successful store experience, you need to influence all the customer’s senses.

Timing is also critical - you need to do the right thing at the right time, to create the right energy, feelings and behaviours for different shopping missions and customer journeys.

In this fifth and final part of our series about the impact of multisensory experiences, you will find out how to combine all the various elements that can affect a consumer’s mind, and thus build a world-class experience - and create and deliver measurable return of experience!


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