Manned Checkouts

For personal service

Do you need to increase your checkout capacity in the existing area available? Or do you need to free up space with fewer, more efficient checkouts? When it is time to invest in new checkouts, we help you analyse what you need based on your store area, your customers and their purchasing patterns. 

We calculate, simulate and build the solution based on our long experience and extensive knowledge of store flows, capacity measurements, ergonomics and new trends. We can offer you a complete solution for the entire checkout area.

Here we present a small selection of our wide range of manned checkouts.


Customised checkouts

A personalised look throughout

We see checkouts as a profile-enhancing extension of the store and we develop them exclusively for our clients. We create checkouts that boost and emphasises the concept while being clearly linked to the rest of the fittings.

We can also adapt the functions of checkouts to your company’s needs. You decide what you want!

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ITAB_checkout ScanMate-White-001_1.jpg


Next generation manned check out, ScanMate.

  • One staff member handles two flows of customers
  • Smart scanning and a smart check out assists the staff member
  • No POS integration needed, POS system process work as in todays manned check out

Key Benefits

  • More capacity on same work hours
  • Capacity example at 15 items is totally 102 customers / hour
  • Increase throughput per work hour and thereby reducing queues
  • A leap step in ergonomics for the staff member

Product Sheet

ITAB FrontMate self checkout, manned checkout.jpg


Flexible service with FrontMate/TwinFLOW – a combination of manned checkout and self checkout

FrontMate creates a new meeting space between customers and staff in the checkout area. By combining traditional manned service with express service in a single area, it gives customers the opportunity to choose how they want to check out. It also gives them the feeling they have easy access to personal service. With our FrontMate solution, customers receive the same level of service, regardless of their checkout method.

  • One attendant handles 3 checkout points
  • For an average basket of 15 items, total capacity is around 115 customers/hour
  • Always open capacity means much less queuing
  • Improved service and choice for consumers
  • Seamless service between staffed checkout and self checkout
  • Option of a multi-service area for tobacco, gaming, post, etc.

Product Sheet


Check Mate 500

An inspirational visit to a store is even better if the checkout process is fast and smooth. CheckMate contains all our knowledge about what makes your customers satisfied and is the product of our experience of optimising checkouts to create a workplace with maximum ergonomics and an efficient, user-friendly checkout area.

  • Third customer function
  • 30% higher service level
  • Prepared for all well-established payment systems/cash registers
  • Space for CPU, electrical connection prepared
  • Modular, available in several versions

Product Sheet



A fully equipped, compact, space-saving checkout developed to increase flow and maximise utilisation of the store area. It is a smart supplement for larger checkouts, particularly in convenience goods environments that need to boost flow at peak times.

  • Perfect express checkout for basket customers with up to 15 items
  • Excellent first checkout in corner shops
  • A generous administration area, prepared for everything from a CPU to a waste basket
  • Simple installation
  • Prepared for the commonest registers/payment systems
  • The checkout can be equipped with roller-table, belted-scale or roller-scale

Product Sheet


C Max

The Itab C-Max checkout is a flexible checkout that suits all store formats. It is a fully modular checkout available in lengths from 2.400 mm up to 4.000 mm. C-Max can easily work with all types of scanners and cashdrawers, is equipped with conveyor belt, including photo cell and both automatic and manual control, as well as having a full range of accessories.

Modular construction of the checkout saves maximum space during transportation to store and enables changes in configuration in store. 

Product Sheet

ITAB_checkout Carisma 2_1.jpg


A plain, timeless checkout that meets strict finance and ergonomics requirements. Carisma is available as a checkout or service desk. Options include a light panel on the front, an excellent advertising space on which you can easily change the message.

  • Electronically adjustable working height
  • Fitted as standard with 5 CPU sockets and 2x5 other sockets
  • Built on a steel frame
  • Available in different colours
  • Can be fitted with LED coils, light panels and work lighting

Product Sheet

ESA_checkout ITAB.jpg


With our ESA checkout, we are launching an entirely new approach to checkouts with a new production philosophy. ESA is produced and supplied in the same way as our modular shelves, in several finished modules that are combined to form a unit. The small number of components makes installation a quick, easy task.

ESA is available with various configurations, from the basic version with more angular lines to the more heavily designed version with a rounder shape. A wide range of ESA accessories is also available.


Product Sheet


Lift Bridge

A checkout specially designed for stores with large products. It was developed with the focus on ergonomics and safety. To make it easier to work with large, heavy products, we have developed a patented, liftable input belt that guarantees optimum flow through the checkout.

The liftable belt allows staff to quickly go to the trolley and help customers with large items.

  • Good ergonomics and a high level of safety
  • Liftable belt
  • Electronically height-adjustable working table
  • Available in several lengths and widths
  • Choose between a large number of colours

B 10

B 10 is an exit checkout created for demanding environments. An extra wide input belt makes B 10 a very popular checkout solution in interior design and DIY stores.

Customers pass the cashier on the side, making it easier to scan heavy items on trolleys by hand.

  • Adapted for standing working – reduced risk of occupational injuries
  • Adjustable ergonomic support
  • Can be fitted for sitting working
  • Flexible register location with a height-adjustable table
  • Strong customer barrier

Product Sheet