Carrousel is a shelf concept with the focus on maximum efficiency and simplicity. It is suitable for fast-moving products in a hospital pharmacy, for example. 80% of prescription medicines are within one metre of the checkout. As a result, the pharmacy staff do not need to leave the checkout and they can have maximum contact with customers. 

The transparent front edges make it easy to see all the contents. The sloping shelves rotate separately and help ensure that older packs are not left behind as they automatically slide to the edge when one is removed. The compartments are filled from the rear and can be extended to make the process easier. 

Carrousel is available in two sizes. 

ITAB Pharmacy_Carrousel-130.jpg

Carrousel 130

Carrousel 130 with 10 levels can store from 2400 up to 2800 packages and more depending on size of packages.

Product Sheet

ITAB Pharmacy_Carrousel-180.jpg

Carrousel 180

Carrousel 180 can be fitted with a maximum of 12 revolving levels and hold 4000- 5000 packages.

Product Sheet