In accordance with the values of the ITAB Group, our Logistics Division is always looking for innovative solutions for the storage and archiving of documents to make our customers’ lives easier.

We offer both customised solutions and standard products, ranging from heavy or light shelves for the storage of goods to compact rolling archives for archiving documents. We are experts in supplying turnkey solutions for storage and archiving in both the private and public sectors.

Heavy duty shelving ITAB.png

Heavy duty – shelves for storing heavy goods

‘Fortissimo’ is the ideal shelf for vertical storage of heavy goods and materials, whether on pallets or not. Our shelves are suitable for both sales areas and storage areas.

The system is structurally stable, durable and manufactured from top-quality materials. All components are made of galvanised steel (with the exception of the beams), ensuring good durability over time, whether utilised inside or outside.

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Lightweight shelves

‘Universal’ is our modular shelf system for industry, public organisations and private companies. The wide range of accessories ensures that the system meets all requirements for archiving and storage of goods of various sizes. It has been extensively tried and tested, and you will find ‘Universal’ in thousands of installations dating from the 1960s to the present day.


The light, durable material of the shelves, along with the stable uprights, makes it possible to build structures with walkways on one or more floors. A ‘Universal’ shelf can also be installed quickly and easily utilising the Hook system, and it is available with a painted finish or in a galvanised version, ‘Galvatop’.


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Compact rolling archives

Our compact rolling archives, ‘Unimob’, make it possible to save up to half the floor space in your archive. The archives are installed in wagons on rails. When you need access to a particular shelf, others are moved so that a walkway opens up exactly where you need it. This minimises dead areas and doubles the storage or archiving capacity.

The shelf rails have a height of only 15 mm above floor level.

‘Unimob’ can be adapted to all environments. Choose between fully manual movement or mechanical movement via a wheel with a reduction gear.

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