Smart Fittings™

Interiors with integrated intelligence

A digitised store that activates and guides consumers’ purchasing decisions has long been a hot topic in the retail trade.

We have now acted on these ideas and developed cost-efficient, user-friendly plug-and-play solutions with integrated intelligence to improve the customer experience and sales.


Integrated intelligence

Our fittings with integrated intelligence, Smart Fittings™, offer a full-service experience with integrated, creative solutions for in-store marketing. Communication is via sounds, images and aromas in direct proximity to customer purchasing decisions. You can engage, activate or inform. And it is easy to change messages during the day, from campaign to campaign or with the seasons. 

The products in the Smart Fittings™-family fit neatly into your existing shelf systems from ITAB and are easy to integrate when retrofitted. Guided commissioning, training and support services are included and we can also help you produce content and finance the solution.

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Smart Fittings™ Audio

Do you want your customers to discover something new in a specific part of your store? Sound affects feelings and an unexpected sound is an effective way of attracting attention.

Our audio solution produces an exceptional audio environment in a separated, selected area. Directed audio in a store has been shown to help boost sales by up to 20%.

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Smart Fittings™ Aroma

An aroma can resurrect a memory, make us happy and make us feel good. And we are unable to defend ourselves against aromas.

With the Smart Fittings™ aroma unit and nearly 100 different essences to choose from, you can stimulate special purchasing impulses in a selected store area. You can use a timer to release aromas at times when the customer flows are highest in the store.

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Smart Fittings™ Digital Signage

With Smart Fittings™ Digital Signage, you can easily make visual impressions that affect purchasing decisions and the size of customer baskets – and increase your sales.

The digital signs are available in several versions: freestanding, integrated units for shelves and as video walls. If you have several signs, you can decide to show different messages in your store, or the same message on all. You can also vary the message during the day.

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Smart Fittings™ Scale Shelf

With Scale Shelf you never risk missing sales because the shelf is empty. This intelligent shelf emits an alarm when it weighs too little, i.e. when there are too few products left.

The staff, our your supplier, immediately receive a message, for example on their mobiles telling them it is time to fill the shelf with more campaign products.

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Smart Fittings™ Cool Shelf

With a Cool Shelf you can easily provide cold products in completely new areas. The shelf can be cooled to 4-7°C, without an external cooling device. All i takes is an electrical connection. Cooling is made only by means of air circulation, without liquids. A smart solution that offers new sales opportunities.

Cool Shelf is a "plug-n-play" solution. It is modular and scalable, and fits in our standard shelving and can be easily integrated with Smart Shelf or a Digital Signage solution.

  • Provide cold drinks, ready-made salads and sandwiches or for example cheese and sour creme in hot sections
  • Increased cross-selling in the cash area or warm gondolas
  • The shelf is easy to move – place it where it is needed

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