Call Forward


Call Forward Fashion

With our Call Forward System for the fitting room, your customers can book a time in the fitting room with the staff and continue shopping instead of queuing. When a fitting room becomes vacant, or the reserved time approaches, the customer receives a message on a screen or via their mobile. Their clothes are then ready in the fitting room when they arrive, along with recommendations for matching accessories from the assistant.

  • Optimizes fitting room capacity and reduces waiting
  • More choice - in larger stores with fitting rooms in several places, alternative fitting rooms can be offered
  • Improves personalized service
  • Opportunities to increase cross-selling in the interaction with the customer

Call Forward Ordering Point

A call forward system with interactive ordering suitable for fast food and restaurant environments. The interactive ordering point minimizes queues at the counter and gives the customer a good overview of the menu options.

  • Increased sales with a more engaging menu
  • Digital menu simplifies campaign presentations
  • Increases capacity and throughput at peak times
  • Improves customer perception of waiting time

Call Forward

Our Call Forward queue systems speed up queues and reduce waiting times. They can be adapted to one or more queues and virtual queue systems.

We have Call Forward-systems for retail, restaurant environments and solutions for efficient queue management in the fitting room environment.

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