ITAB at Euroshop 2017


We are now looking forward to EuroShop 2020 and to all of you who visited us in the stand during EuroShop 2017, we want to say; thank you! We hope you enjoyed your visit. 

If you happened to miss our display at Euroshop or just want to refresh your memory, feel free to browse through the images and videos below. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss a solution for your store.

Check Out Arena - Self checkout


Concept vision of future checkouts, just go in to the store and pick your items and they will end up on the receipt. That's self checkout at its best. Images Video


A system allowing fashion retailers to implement truly self service units and provide a self checkout possibility for their customers. Images Video

EasyFlow Automatic checkout

The worlds first fully automatic self checkout suitable for trolley customers. Images Video

MoveFlow Hybrid - Self checkout

A self checkout that converts in to a manned checkout in a matter of seconds.   Video

TwinFlow - Self checkout

A self checkout for trolley customers.   Video

ExitFlow Sesame

Sesame opens the exit gate automatically for people that has paid in the self checkout zone.   Video
Check Out Arena - Manned checkout

ScanMate - Dual flow checkout

Next generation manned check out where two flows of customers are handled by one staff member. It also offers a vast improvement in working ergonomics. Images Video


A unique check out design that allows staff to easily service both customers in a manned check out as well as 2 extra self checkout units. Images Video

Straight IV Checkout

A series of checkouts and merchandising shelves designed in a straight design language. Images Video

Soft Edge Checkout

A series of checkouts using the soft edge design.   Video


A high efficiency checkout with possibility to serve 3 customers in parallell.   Video

Alupa checkout

Checkout based on aluminium profiling creating a flexible system that is quick to assemble. Images  

Express checkout - Self payment

An innovative design allowing staff in an express till to be more efficient by allowing customers to self pay. The curved design allows staff easy access to help the customers.   Video

F2000 - Family checkout and Lift Bridge system

A design example where features for shopping families has been included as well as demonstrating the lift bridge allowing staff easy access to customer service tasks. Images Video
Check Out Arena - Guidance


A next generation retail gate that provides a unique design and function. Images Video

Checkout Commander

Check out commander makes every day tasks automated such as calling for opening checkouts or investigating trolleys Images Video

Automatic Checkout Closer

Automatic checkout gate that is connected to the checkout commander system or installed stand alone. Images Video

EAS solution

Alarm panels integrated with the gates and guidance system. Images  

ScanMaster Upright

ScanMaster is the new range of scanner solutions for ITAB ExitFlow, ready for todays and tomorrows need in terms of barcode reading on paper receipts as well as mobile receipts. Images



Light planning and services

We supply light solutions to retail stores across the globe, from original design to install and making sure the light performs as originally planned during its full life time in store. Learn more about how we help retailers improve customer experience and increase store sales.

Bespoke and retro-fit lighting

We can help you with uniqe and bespoken light solutions that match your requirements in terms of style, cost, size and features. Or give your old lighting system a new life using retro fit - a cost-effective, easy-to-install method to give your shop a new look and new energy-efficient lighting.  Learn more about how we help retailers improve customer experience and increase store sales.   Video


Connect light, sound and video wireless and manage it through one system. Allows for full control of the ambeince in store. Images Piri web
Digital solutions

Digital journey

A summary of our Digital strategy and some innovations involved. Images Video

Click & Collet Fashion

A Click & Collect locker suitable for fashion industry, for both delivery and returns. Images  

Click & Collect Grocery

Click & Collect lockers for the grocery sector with chilled and freeze areas. Images Video

IQM - In queue merchandising

A modular system to manage queues in stre and at the same time increase sales. Images Video

Smart Fittings - Audio shelf

Elevate the shopping experience and merchandising with Directional Audio only to be heard in connecetions with items in front of you.   Video

Smart Fittings - Cool shelf

Avoid large and bulky chillers. Cool shelf allows cold drinks to be integrated part of the product displays. Images Video

Smart Fittings - Scale shelf

The shelf immediately records when products are being sold or replenished. Allows retailers or suppliers to get alarms when stock is low on the shelf. Images  

Menu ordering point with call forward

The solution for a virtual queue with tickets or mobile, here shown in the pallication including a menu ordering system.   Video

Fitting Room Call Forward

A quemanagement system for fitting rooms allowing customers to keep on browsing whilst waiting for an available fitting room.