The impact of Multisensory Experiences

A well-thought-out store experience affects the customer in a number of interconnected ways. All of your senses can affect your feelings, your thinking, and how you behave. It is called cross-modal perception.

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5 March 2020

Multisensory experience

You can increase sales using multisensory experiences.

  • Brands make promises

All brands make promises. The secret to success is delivering on that promise with experience across time and across all the senses.

That’s important because we experience the world in five senses. Not just one. And, the senses interrelate – they affect one another. It’s called cross-modal perception.

If you line the senses up with congruent messaging you get something called Superadditivity. In the world of superadditivity 1 + 1 is way more than two!


  • Affect consumer
    Your retail environment affects people’s
  • Physiology
  • Psychology (their feelings)
  • their Thinking,
  • their Cognition
  • and also their Behaviour.

All those things are affected by what people see and hear in your store.

Join world-renowned sound expert Julian Treasure in a series of five short lessons, looking at how all of our senses can influence our consumption habits and behaviors.


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Julian Treasure is the chair of the Sound Agency, a firm that advises worldwide businesses — offices, retailers, airports — on how to design the sound in their physical spaces and communication. He asks us to pay attention to the sounds that surround us. How do they make us feel: productive, stressed, energized, acquisitive?

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