Retail technology show

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Retail Technology Show

Exciting couple of days spent exploring the latest trends at this year’s Retail Technology Show at the London Olympia.

See below a number of ITAB solutions that support the key themes of Loss Prevention in store and driving Efficiency across retail. These two areas of focus will aid retailers to drive sales and conversion, increase efficiency, reduce loss and improve operating costs in stores. 

Loss Prevention Solutions

With an evolving retail landscape impacted by shifts in economy and higher prices, loss prevention remains a key priority for retailers.


Our Sesame solution provides automated exit control by verifying movement inside the checkout area by tracking each consumer from the point of validated payment at the SCO-counter to the secure exit at the gate.


Rapitag: Smart Tag

With Rapitag’s Intelligent Asset Surveillance (IAS) solutions, retailers can actively track and trace tagged items, for deeper product and customer behavior insights. Smart Tags can simultaneously be unlocked at the point of sale for increased checkout speed.


Sigma gate is our compact security solution that provides strong visual appeal with advanced technical features to personalise retailer requirements in store for automated access control.


Fraud Detection

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Retail Efficiencies Solutions

Emerging technologies to aid efficiency will enable retailers to provide a better and more enhanced service while improving return on investment.


Turnpike’s wearable platform empowers employees to improve productivity, increase revenue, and cut costs, all in real time. By harnessing AI technology it connects staff digitally, making them more successful, efficient, satisfied and safe at work.

CheckMate 500

It’s a traditional, conventional checkout, designed for maximal ergonomics and customer service. It is built to serve consumers quickly, avoid waiting time and reduce queuing. For a steady flow of goods and to make it possible to keep your cashiers healthy.

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Convenient self-checkout for consumers with larger purchases/baskets. Helps you plan your staffing – one attendant can serve up to 6 consumers at the same time. TwinFlow is approximately 40% faster than normal ‘basket to bag’ solutions.

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