Entrance Solutions – secure and welcoming entrances by ITAB

Create a welcoming and designed entrances in your store for optimal consumer flow and at the same time protect your asset and reduce shrinkage. ITAB have a unique range of entrance solutions designed for durability as well as fitting all store formats.  

Wide range of entrance solutions to fit your demands

Each store layout, as well as location, can create different needs and demand to create a secure and safe entrance. Our wide range of entrance solutions ensures it is tailored for your specific safety requirements as well as design concept. 

Entrance gates is one of the hardest working equipment in your store, it will greet each and every customer visiting the store. First impression last, your entrance solution needs to be both welcoming and of highest quality but still not compromise on safety standards.  

Our wide range of options ensures full functionality and compliance to local regulations.  

Improved consumer experience

Use of entrance solutions guide the consumer where to enter the store and at the same time also inform them were not to exit. As a consumer you need clear guidance for a faster and better experience. 

Reduced shrinkage

Use of entrance solutions, that will prevent the consumer to exit the store at an unmanned location, reduce shrinkage. It makes it easier for the store to implement a controlled and monitored exit area were staff and/or security guards will be present.

Our Entrance Solutions