Exit Solutions – Secure and flexible exits

Create secure and flexible exit solutions to allow a controlled exit through self-service areas. Protect your assets and reduce shrinkage as well as guiding your consumer. At ITAB we have a unique range of exit solutions designed for all store formats and the best possible convenience for the consumer. 

Wide range of exit solutions to fit your needs

Implementing self-checkout in any form creates a different customer journey in the checkout process. Consumers can scan their items themselves and are being trusted to make final payment and leave the store at their convenience. This is convenient for the consumer but also creates a risk for the retailer of increased shrinkage  


Implementing exit solutions at this area reduces the temptation to steal as well as putting the retailer in control of the area. Our exit solutions increase security and allow the zone attendant to focus on serving the consumer.  

Our wide range of exit solutions support verification of printed and mobile receipts as well as a truly frictionless experience where no scanning of receipts is needed while maintaining the same security level.   

Improved customer experience

Together with a UK retailer, we co-created a consumer flow where the target was to reduce shrinkage, control the exit at the self-checkout and enable staff members to focus on serving consumers instead of monitoring and observing suspicious behaviours.  

ITAB Sesame solution managed to fulfil those requirements without disturbing the genuine consumer; they could leave the store in the same way that they used to. It has created a truly frictionless experience.  

Increase conversion and sales

Use of exit solutions decreases the temptation for shoplifting when you as a consumer are obliged to show proof of purchase and verification.