• Pure and minimalistic design
  • One family from low to high lumens
  • Easy to adjust
  • Driver integrated with track
  • Available in white, black and grey.

Cylindrical tracklight with incorporated control gear in line with the track itself for a slim impression. ‘Chip on board’ technology with high quality reflectors and four different beam spreads. Lamp housing of die-cast aluminium for optimal cooling, long lifetime and low weight. Black front ring with possibility to add accessories. Tracklight for indoor applications

Технические характеристики

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)
285-510-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)1890SpotRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Spot, Grey17PDF
285-510-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)1890SpotRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Spot, Black17PDF
285-510-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)1890SpotRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Spot, White17PDF
285-500-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)1400SpotRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Spot, Grey12PDF
285-500-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)1400SpotRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Spot, Black12PDF
285-500-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)1400SpotRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Spot, White12PDF
285-591-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)2400MediumRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Medium, Grey23PDF
285-591-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)2400MediumRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Medium, Black23PDF
285-591-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)2400MediumRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Medium, White23PDF
285-511-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)1890MediumRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Medium, Grey17PDF
285-511-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)1890MediumRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Medium, Black17PDF
285-511-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)1890MediumRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Medium, White17PDF
285-501-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)1400MediumRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Medium, Grey12PDF
285-501-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)1400MediumRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Medium, Black12PDF
285-501-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)1400MediumRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Medium, White12PDF
285-592-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)2400FloodRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Flood, Grey23PDF
285-592-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)2400FloodRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Flood, Black23PDF
285-592-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)2400FloodRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Flood, White23PDF
285-512-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)1890FloodRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Flood, Grey17PDF
285-512-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)1890FloodRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Flood, Black17PDF
285-512-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)1890FloodRevoc Mini 2000, 930 (BBL), Flood, White17PDF
285-502-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)1400FloodRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Flood, Grey12PDF
285-502-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)1400FloodRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Flood, Black12PDF
285-502-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)1400FloodRevoc Mini 1500, 930 (BBL), Flood, White12PDF
285-590-30GreyOn/off930 (BBL)2400SpotRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Spot, Grey23PDF
285-590-20BlackOn/off930 (BBL)2400SpotRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Spot, Black23PDF
285-590-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBL)2400SpotRevoc Mini 2500, 930 (BBL), Spot, White23PDF

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