Efficient use of design and space got Pig and Hen a usable flagship store

The young and modern brand Pig and Hen needed an efficient layout for a new flagship store, compatible with service and brand values.

A flagship store in a small area for big brand values

Pig & Hen, making handmade bracelets in Amsterdam, are a young and modern brand, careful about how they are perceived from every angle. Pig & Hen turned to ITAB when they wanted to design a flagship store in a 20m2 area. Pig & Hen already had a design for their Shop-In-Shop modules – the target for ITAB was to create the same feel and at the same time make room for three workplaces.

Efficient process reduced unnecessary installation time

By using materials from the Shop-in-Shop modules, and with a very tight time frame, the team from ITAB created and installed a solution to fit the purpose.

Represents the brand and serves consumers

The flagship store today serves consumers well. At the same time, the layout and design suit the brand so well that it’s even used in most of their commercials.

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