4 inspiring store concepts in London

London offers magnificent store concepts. Concepts, that translates the latest retail trends in interesting and various ways – with satisfied customers as a result. Here we guide you through four of them.

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3 June 2020

1. Adidas – A theatrical and interactive store concept

When you enter the Adidas flagship store at Oxford Street, you face a theatrical world of Adidas. It´s storytelling, hi-tech, interaction, and personalization in all different formats. In the entrance, karate-dressed product experts guide you through the process of 4-D sneakers, created from pure liquid. Further in is a space to design your own Adidas shirt entirely made of interactive tech. But it doesn’t stop there. On every floor, you can have a lot of fun with different digital sports games and do a smart analysis of your running technique to find the right shoe.

The staff of Adidas are well educated and specialized in different kinds of products and events, which are held in the store weekly. Are you a retail or sports enthusiast, we truly recommend you to pay this store a visit, it’s a new world to discover.

2. Fortnum & Mason, a community of British tea culture

At St Paracas, a busy landmark well-known for its Victorian architecture, you can step into Fortnum & Mason. It’s known as the most glamorous place in Europe to experience a cup of tea.

When entering Fortnum & Mason, your feet sink into a soft red carpet. You can smell a fresh of delicious tea (which happens to come from a selection of the Queen’s own collection) and are served with endless inspiration for your next afternoon tea party. We recommend you take a break in the luxurious lounge or bar for a full British experience.

This store is nothing else than a community that gathers people who love the English culture. It’s hard not to, after visiting this dreamy store concept.

3. Samsung, a workspace for Tech lovers

At Samsung flagship Store in London, you are served hi-tech experiences in many ways. Most of all you are served a feeling of true belonging to team Samsung.

The store is spectacularly floating in the sky in the historic Kings Cross area. It didn’t end up here for no reason – this is Samsung’s way to build their digital brand experience and tie it closer to the British culture. When you enter the store it’s a futuristic workspace, but with brick walls.

The attractions in the store are many. You can dive deep into the latest electronics (Samsung’s of course), schedule your meetings, or get full service from one of the many Samsung experts. It’s a Samsung heaven, for sure.

4. M&S Food, a shop concept for self-fulfillment

M&S Food has everything you need for your weekly shopping but in a brand-new experience format. It´s inspiration, personalization, and a place for you to dream about your next appreciated, delicious dinner.

When you enter this well-designed and modern grocery store you get some free cake while you feel the smell of fresh herbs. It’s not an overstatement that there is something new to discover in every corner. Digital wine tasting with personal recommendations and all kinds of tasting are a few examples.

But, the greatness of this store is not only the experiences, but it’s also the direct impact they have on sales. You just don’t want to leave your cooking dreams here; you want to bring them home.

Article written by
Emma Berger

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