Small and flexible with or without staff assistance, MoveFlow Hybrid

  • A compact, clever solution to achieve flexibility between manual and self-checkouts
  • Fast to reconfigure in response to sudden shifts in customer flow
  • Provides both increased customer satisfaction and optimum staff utilisation

MoveFlow Hybrid can be used as both a self-checkout or a manned checkout: 

When consumer flows vary throughout the day, you can adapt service to need without any space restrictions. 

MoveFlow Hybrid is convertible between high-speed, staffed manual operation during peak hours and lean, fast self-checkout during off-hours. Our creative solution offers a full flexibility dual-mode in a single checkout station. 

Technische Daten

Dimensions HxLxW mmWidth: 795 - 1775 mm Depth: 625 mm Height: 1365 mm
Weight kg170 - 200kg
Voltage220-240VAC 50-60Hz Max 3A in total
Operating temperature+10 °C to +30 °C
Customer displayYes
Packing area alternativesWing Sizes: X1 / X2
Payment optionsCard & Glory / OEM prepared
Ergonomic normsADA guidelines
Security solutionWeight verification by security scale
Operating conditionsAmbient humidity: 30-80% Storage humidity: 30-80%