• Integrated into the screen wall for minimal use of floor space
  • Wide range of gate arms
  • Available as Single and Twingate
  • Multiple options to trigger opening of the gate
  • Available in all colours

The CentroGate is a well-tested automatic gate for entrance and exit usage in stores. With its ability to integrate the gates with the screen wall and railings, it gives a great benefit for the store to save important floor space and use minimal equipment to create a secure solution. With a wide range of gate arms and possibilities for customisation, there is a CentroGate for everyone.

Technical specification

Dimensions HxLxW mm1050-2400x230x170-215mm
Weight kg24-40kg + gate arm
Voltage230VAC 50-60Hz
Operating temperature10-35° C
Gate Arm optionsYes
LED lightOptional
Opening angle180 degrees
Synchronized openingYes
Panic AlarmOptional
OptionsRemote control, overhead sensor, service desk switch, RFID reader
Operating conditionsIndoor