Self Checkouts

Always open, with the right staffing at the right time

Interest in new methods, secure payment and efficient checkout processes in stores has increased dramatically in recent years. With a self checkout solution, you can always have a checkout open, at any time of the day or night.

The manned checkouts are optimised to cope with peaks and the staff are available for more service-oriented tasks in the store at other times.


The world’s first fully automated checkout

ITAB has developed efficient self checkouts (SCOs) so that consumers can easily check out their goods securely themselves. Our first self checkout solution was installed in 2003 in the Netherlands. Since then, we have also launched the world’s first fully automated checkout, EasyFLOW.

In our wide range, you can choose between efficient self checkouts in various sizes, integration with the commonest payment systems and user-friendly interfaces, plus a very secure exit function.

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Flexible service with FrontMate/TwinFLOW – a combination of manned checkout and self checkout

FrontMate creates a new meeting space between customers and staff in the checkout area. By combining traditional manned service with express service in a single area, it gives customers the opportunity to choose how they want to check out. It also gives them the feeling they have easy access to personal service. With our FrontMate solution, customers receive the same level of service, regardless of their checkout method.

  • One attendant handles 3 checkout points
  • For an average basket of 15 items, total capacity is around 115 customers/hour
  • Always open capacity means much less queuing
  • Improved service and choice for consumers
  • Seamless service between staffed checkout and self checkout
  • Option of a multi-service area for tobacco, gaming, post, etc.

Product Sheet

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Barcodeless self checkout for hypermarkets

HyperFLOW is based on the same technology as EasyFLOW, but has been developed to meet demand in hypermarkets with 100,000 articles or more in the store.

By means of continuous collection of information and product data, this fully automated self-scanning checkout builds up unique knowledge about each product.This minimises waste and improves self-scanning security.

HyperFLOW is compatible with all POS systems.

Product Sheet



Fully automatic, barcodeless self-scanning

Meet the world’s first checkout that identifies products itself. It recognises more than 99% of items for what they are, not just what the barcode says. EasyFLOW replaces both conventional checkouts and other self-scanning solutions. With ITAB Match™ technology, EasyFLOW is able to determine what actually passes through the scanning tunnel, including items that the customer packs such as fruit, vegetables and bread.

  • Unrivalled availability, works unimpeded 24/7/365
  • Just as fast as conventional checkouts, considerable cost saving, short ROI period
  • Continuous information collection builds product knowledge
  • Reduces waste and improves self-scanning security


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TwinFLOW is adapted to customers with trolleys and handles two customers at once. It is prepared for both card and cash payment and is intuitive to use. TwinFLOW has the functions required to treet different types of item and offers the same secure solutions as other self checkouts. It has a self-learning weight control system and the optical sensors provide additional security when it comes to preventing fraud.

  • Handles 2 customers at once – choose 1 or 2 output belts
  • Suitable for both basket and trolley customers
  • Extended security functions using optical sensors
  • Integrated card and cash management

Product Sheet


The MoveFLOW family

Small, efficient self checkout

MoveFLOW is the ideal checkout solution if you want to give customers the opportunity to quickly check out on their own. The system has small, smooth self checkouts and makes it possible for all stores to offer fast and easy self-service checkout.

  • For basket purchases from 10 to 25 items
  • Can be fitted with card and/or cash payment options
  • Available in profile colours
  • Clean design, small footprint 
  • Requires no extra units
  • Easy self checkout for customers and staff to understand and use
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Combine to produce the best flow

We often recommend a combination of our different self checkouts such as MoveFLOW, TwinFLOW and EasyFLOW or HyperFLOW to create adequate capacity for a variety of purchase sizes from a small basket to a really large trolley.

Product Sheet

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ExitFLOW is our efficient, secure exit system that guarantees payment in a self checkout area. It is a complete solution for your Checkout Arena and includes customer conductor rails, posts, gates and a scanner for verification of exit access for self checkout customers.

  • Our new ScanMaster Upright scanner, an "all-in-one" solution that includes all necessary software
  • Read receipts, two-dimensional bar codes (eg QR codes) and receipts of mobile devices
  • The scanner is placed on top of the pole, a solution more similar to those found in e.g. subways and airports
  • Available as a stand alone solution

Product Sheet

ITAB Pick & Go, AirFLOW self chechkout.jpg

Pick & Go with AirFLOW

Future of Self Check is in the air, we call it AirFlow

After our ground-breaking EasyFlow/HyperFlow automatic self-checkouts, ITAB is now moving to the next level. Items are checked out automatically when you pick them off the shelf. 

This is our next strategic step to make stores about service and experience rather than scanning.

See the AirFLOW film here


For more information about AirFLOW, please contact your nearest ITAB sales office 



Scanner Furnitures

The range for your checkout arena also includes a number of items of scanner furniture such as checkout towers, scales tables, bag shelves, scanner towers and scanner walls. The furniture can be adapted to your IT hardware  from any manufacturer.

The furnitures are made of durable material that withstands tough treatment, they have a modern design and are available in your profile colours.

Our scanner furniture constitutes a complete modular system, and you can add as many units as your store needs and has space for. This also means that it is easy to add more afterwards if you need to expand the capacity of your Checkout Arena.

If you want to know more about our scanner furniture, find your nearest ITAB sales office here