Automatic gates

Our automatic gates can be fitted with a number of different configurations, control systems and accessories, everything from a simple, manual pushbutton to more sophisticated automatic sensor devices. They can also be connected to your own customised control system, for example a fire alarm or data system.

If you decide to fit one of our automatic gate systems in your store, you can choose between different access functions. Choose the one that suits your store best.

  • Welcome – always open
  • Secure – an alarm is issued if someone exits incorrectly
  • Standard – opens when someone approaches the gate
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Slim, sliding and secure

SigmaGate is the choice to make when aiming for a prestigious and elegant look. But also when you want uncompromised, top level performance gate. A broad range of technical options are available and its appearance can be customized to your taste.

  • Sliding doors require much less space and safe zone area to operate.
  • The sliding gate arms have built-in LED lights that can signal status with blink patterns and shifting colours. Text/logos can be engraved.
  • An optional integrated receipt-scanner is available.

Product Sheet

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AlphaGate MKII Stainless Steel

If you want a gate with an extremely high-quality finish, Alphagate MKII Stainless Steel is perfect for you. It is made of acidproof stainless steel (316) and withstands hard knocks and environments without the finish being affected. It is designed to be suitable for company entrances, receptions, leisure centres and the transport sector.

The clean design also means that it can easily be integrated with a wide range of control systems, from a manual pushbutton to more sophisticated automated sensors. It can also be connected to your own systems such as computers and fire alarms.

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EasyGate has a modern design and is our most affordable automatic gate, combining the best features of other gates. EasyGate is compatible with our entire standard range of gate arms, posts and customer guide rails. 

EasyGate is fitted with

  • The latest component technology
  • An anti-panic function with manual reset
  • An acoustic alarm with LED lighting – activated if the gate is opened in the wrong direction or if someone tries to push a basket under the arm

The gate chassis is black but the front is available in chrome or painted in any RAL colour to match your store concept.

Product Sheet

ITAB Guidance_Alphagate-MKII-6_Entrance gate_1.jpg

AlphaGate MKII

Robust materials, a carefully considered design and exceptional performance are the main characteristics of Alphagate MKII. The gate has successfully passed a number of function texts, meets all performance and technology targets and continues to deliver long after the end of its expected service life.

It is a really reliable gate that will be of great benefit in all busy entrances and exits in the store. Choose the colour and gate arm to create a unique gate that matches your store environment.

Product Sheet

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Automatic Checkout Closer

As a merchant, you are very aware of the opportunity an unstaffed or closed till presents to customers to leave the store without paying. We have an automated solution to this problem, the Automatic Checkout Closer (ACC). It is integrated with the checkout system. As soon as someone logs into the checkout, the gate opens. When they log out, the gate closes automatically.

ACC has the same functionality as our other automatic premium gates, with an alarmed anti-panic function and automatic gate reset after an alarm has been triggered. The gate can also be integrated with your Call Forward system.

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