Standard fittings for shops and stores

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Bespoken Shop Concepts

Many of our clients want to have a unique profile and look for the fittings in their stores. We are, of course, happy to help!

This may involve an entirely new shop concepts, shop-in-shop solutions or the production of individual racks.

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Standard Shop Fittings

Parallel to our unique store concepts, we also offer a wide range of standard fittings and accessories.

Our fitting systems are suitable for virtually all sectors of the retail trade and are available in dimensions to suit different geographical markets, for example 25, 32, 40, 50 millimetres. The standard range includes base modules, L walls, gondolas, shelves for heavy goods, accessories, etc. Everything you need to fit out your store quickly.

If you want to know more about our standard fittings, find your nearest ITAB sales office here.

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Smart Fittings™

Interiors with integrated intelligence

A digitised store that activates and guides consumers’ purchasing decisions has long been a hot topic in the retail trade.

We have now acted on these ideas and developed cost-efficient, user-friendly plug-and-play solutions with integrated intelligence to improve the customer experience and sales.



FashionFLOW  self checkout solution for fashion retailers

FashionFLOW is the world's first self checkout solution for the fashion industry. ITAB FashionFLOW gives customers the opportunity to check out, disarm and pay for their purchases without the assistance of staff, who can instead focus on giving customers better service and advice on fashion and style choices, rather than standing at the checkout and taking payment. 

When the alarm is removed from the garment ITAB’s secure TexX technology will identify the product and ensure that the product that is disarmed is the same as the one scanned.

  • The system is ideal for use in express checkouts or as a complement to traditional checkouts
  • TexX – high security identification and authentication of articles
  • Extensive integrated safety features
  • Equipped for card payment, cash payment optional

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Scanner Furnitures

The range for your checkout arena also includes a number of items of scanner furniture such as checkout towers, scales tables, bag shelves, scanner towers and scanner walls. The furniture can be adapted to your IT hardware  from any manufacturer.

The furnitures are made of durable material that withstands tough treatment, they have a modern design and are available in your profile colours.

Our scanner furniture constitutes a complete modular system, and you can add as many units as your store needs and has space for. This also means that it is easy to add more afterwards if you need to expand the capacity of your Checkout Arena.

If you want to know more about our scanner furniture, find your nearest ITAB sales office here

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Heavy Duty

Fortissimo is the ideal industrial shelving for vertical storage of material, whether on pallets or not. The system is totally reliable thanks to its structural sturdiness, its durability and the use of top quality materials.

All components are made from galvanised steel (except for the beams), using the “SENDZIMIR” procedure which allows excellent preservation of the structure over time even in non-ideal working conditions.

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