Fitted display counter solutions

Whether you have staffed areas or self-serve for Café and Restaurant services, ITAB provide both standard and bespoke counter displays, fully fitted, to stand out and fulfil consumer needs.

Display counters for specialist requirements

Customers turn to ITAB for support in delivering fitted counter displays, to optimise display space in their store environment, while meeting specialist requirements in food refrigeration and hygiene.

Display counters supporting the brand experience

Innovative counter display design, coupled with our experience and know-how, allows us to co-create the ideal shopping experience for consumers.

Inspirational and functional

Creating counters that are both inspirational and functional, provides the best chance of success in boosting sales.

Serve with ease

Through innovative counter display design, we create a hygienic platform to best present a range of chilled, hot and ambient food to best allow the consumer to make informed purchasing choices. Our design-led approach allows us to incorporate technology, standard and bespoke displays to be present, ease replenishment and improve operational efficiency.