Flexible and efficient downlight: Amber

  • Discreet and clean-looking ceiling
  • Available in various sizes and lumen packages
  • Available with special oval reflector for sensitive items on display
  • Available in white, black and grey
  • Retractable and rotating

Retractable and rotating downlight with ‘chip on board’ and separated NL Power LED electronic ballast for optimal lifetime and light flow performance. High-quality reflectors with four different beam spreads. Lamp housing of die-cast aluminium for optimal cooling and low weight. Also available with special oval reflector to reduce the ‘hot spot’ and the risk of damaging meat and sensitive fresh food on display. Downlight for indoor applications.

Technical Specification

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)

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