Tiltable and efficient downlight: Moon Mini

  • Discreet and clean-looking ceiling
  • Available in various sizes and lumen packages
  • Tool-free installation
  • Available in white, black and grey
  • Tiltable and rotating

Tiltable and rotating downlight with ‘chip on board’ and separated NL Power LED electronic ballast for optimal lifetime and light flow performance. High-quality reflectors with four different beam spreads. Lamp housing of die-cast aluminium for optimal cooling and low weight. Downlight for indoor applications.

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)
315-563-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2400Wide floodMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey23PDF
315-563-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2400Wide floodMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black23PDF
315-563-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2400Wide floodMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White23PDF
315-513-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1890Wide floodMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey17PDF
315-513-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1890Wide floodMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black17PDF
315-513-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1890Wide floodMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White17PDF
315-503-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1400Wide floodMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey12PDF
315-503-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1400Wide floodMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black12PDF
315-503-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1400Wide floodMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White12PDF
315-560-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2400SpotMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey23PDF
315-560-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2400SpotMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black23PDF
315-560-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2400SpotMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White23PDF
315-510-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1890SpotMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey17PDF
315-510-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1890SpotMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black17PDF
315-500-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1400SpotMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey12PDF
315-500-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1400SpotMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black12PDF
315-500-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1400SpotMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White12PDF
315-561-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2400MediumMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey23PDF
315-561-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2400MediumMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black23PDF
315-561-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2400MediumMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White23PDF
315-511-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1890MediumMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey17PDF
315-511-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1890MediumMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black17PDF
315-511-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1890MediumMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White17PDF
315-501-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1400MediumMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey12PDF
315-501-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1400MediumMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black12PDF
315-501-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1400MediumMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White12PDF
315-562-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2400FloodMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey23PDF
315-562-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2400FloodMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black23PDF
315-562-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2400FloodMoon Mini 2500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White23PDF
315-512-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1890FloodMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey17PDF
315-512-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1890FloodMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black17PDF
315-512-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1890FloodMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White17PDF
315-502-30GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1400FloodMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey12PDF
315-502-20BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1400FloodMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black12PDF
315-502-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1400FloodMoon Mini 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White12PDF
315-510-10WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1890SpotMoon Mini 2000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White17PDF

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