• Freely deployable in a functional ceiling
  • Available in a wide range of light outputs
  • Easy to move and adjust to changing store layouts
  • Discreet and clean-looking ceiling
  • Tool free installation

Compact linear lighting for use with functional ceiling; freely placeable lighting that is visually part of the ceiling. Low-glare reflector. Housing of die-cast aluminium for optimal cooling, long life and low weight. For indoor applications. Also available as track-mounted version.

Technical specification

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)
319-31136030102WhiteOn/off8307900FloodGrid 3, M1800mm, White, 8000, 830, Flood, 230V, Functional ceiling52,7PDFLDT
319-31116030102WhiteOn/off8306000FloodGrid 3, M1800mm, White, 6000, 830, Flood, 230V, Functional ceiling38,9PDFLDT
319-31126030102WhiteOn/off8306800FloodGrid 3, M1800mm, White, 7000, 830, Flood, 230V, Functional ceiling44,9PDFLDT
319-31106030102WhiteOn/off8304600FloodGrid 3, M1800mm, White, 5000, 830, Flood, 230V, Functional ceiling29,4PDFLDT