Compact decorative pendant: Globe Mini

  • Functional and decorative light
  • Part of a range of pendants - available in various sizes and lumen packages
  • Mount to 3-phase track or ceiling
  • Available in black and aluminium
  • Available with different coloured reflectors such as gold

Compact pendant, both decorative and effective. Globe Mini pendant light incorporates electronic gear for LED lamps. High-quality reflector with different beam spreads. For indoor applications.

Technical specification

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)
304-540-20AluminiumOn/off930 (BBBL)3100SpotGlobe Mini 3000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Aluminium40PDF
304-520-20Black / GoldOn/off930 (BBBL)3100SpotGlobe Mini 3000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black / Gold40PDF
304-531-20Black / GoldOn/off930 (BBBL)3100MediumGlobe Mini 3000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black / Gold40PDF
304-541-20AluminiumOn/off930 (BBBL)3100MediumGlobe Mini 3000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Aluminium40PDF
304-532-20Black / GoldOn/off930 (BBBL)3100FloodGlobe Mini 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black / Gold40PDF
304-542-20AluminiumOn/off930 (BBBL)3100FloodGlobe Mini 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Aluminium40PDF