High lumen output with in-track driver – Zen EVO

  • Very minimalistic/clean design
  • High lumen output, perfect for the grocery and DIY retail sectors
  • Highly efficient chip on board LED light source and segmented reflector for maximum efficacy
  • Integrated, highly efficient electronic control gear in the track adapter
  • Available in white, black and grey.

Track-based spotlight with electronic control gear integrated in the 3-phase track and chip on board LED technology light source. High lumen output perfect for the grocery and DIY retail environments. Very slim design with only the spot head visible below the track itself. High output, segmented reflectors with four different beam angles. Lamp housing of diecast aluminium for optimal cooling, long lifetime and low weight. Black front ring. Cover glass available on request. Track-based spotlight for indoor applications


Technical specification

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)
369-03101540013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)4800Wide floodZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey40,7PDF
369-02101540013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)4800Wide floodZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black40,7PDF
369-01101540013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)4800Wide floodZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White40,7PDF
369-03101530013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)4800FloodZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey40,7PDF
369-02101530013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)4800FloodZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black40,7PDF
369-01101530013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)4800FloodZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White40,7PDF
369-03101520013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)4800MediumZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey40,7PDF
369-02101520013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)4800MediumZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black40,7PDF
369-01101520013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)4800MediumZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White40,7PDF
369-03101510013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)4800SpotZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey40,7PDF
369-02101510013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)4800SpotZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black40,7PDF
369-01101510013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)4800SpotZen Evo 5000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White40,7PDF
369-03091540013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)3680Wide floodZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey25,8PDF
369-02091540013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)3680Wide floodZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black25,8PDF
369-01091540013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)3680Wide floodZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White25,8PDF
369-03091530013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)3680FloodZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey25,8PDF
369-02091530013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)3680FloodZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black25,8PDF
369-01091530013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)3680FloodZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White25,8PDF
369-03091520013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)3680MediumZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey25,8PDF
369-02091520013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)3680MediumZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black25,8PDF
369-01091520013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)3680MediumZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White25,8PDF
369-03091510013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)3680SpotZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey25,8PDF
369-02091510013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)3680SpotZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black25,8PDF
369-01091510013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)3680SpotZen Evo 4000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White25,8PDF
369-03071540013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2709Wide floodZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey17,7PDF
369-02071540013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2709Wide floodZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black17,7PDF
369-01071540013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2709Wide floodZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White17,7PDF
369-03071530013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2709FloodZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey17,7PDF
369-02071530013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2709FloodZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black17,7PDF
369-01071530013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2709FloodZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White17,7PDF
369-03071520013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2709MediumZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey17,7PDF
369-02071520013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2709MediumZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black17,7PDF
369-01071520013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2709MediumZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White17,7PDFLDT
369-03071510013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2709SpotZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey17,7PDF
369-02071510013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2709SpotZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black17,7PDF
369-01071510013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2709SpotZen Evo 3000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White17,7PDF
369-03061540013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2309Wide floodZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey15,4PDF
369-02061540013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2309Wide floodZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black15,4PDF
369-01061540013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2309Wide floodZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White15,4PDF
369-03061530013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2309FloodZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey15,4PDF
369-02061530013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2309FloodZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black15,4PDF
369-01061530013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2309FloodZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White15,4PDF
369-03061520013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2309MediumZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey15,4PDF
369-02061520013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2309MediumZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black15,4PDF
369-01061520013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2309MediumZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White15,4PDF
369-03061510013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2309SpotZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey15,4PDF
369-02061510013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2309SpotZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black15,4PDF
369-01061510013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2309SpotZen Evo 2500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White15,4PDF
369-03051540013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1914Wide floodZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey12,6PDF
369-02051540013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1914Wide floodZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black12,6PDF
369-01051540013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1914Wide floodZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White12,6PDF
369-03051530013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1914FloodZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey12,6PDF
369-02051530013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1914FloodZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black12,6PDF
369-01051530013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1914FloodZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White12,6PDF
369-03051520013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1914MediumZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey12,6PDF
369-02051520013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1914MediumZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black12,6PDF
369-01051520013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1914MediumZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White12,6PDF
369-03051510013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1914SpotZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey12,6PDF
369-02051510013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1914SpotZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black12,6PDF
369-01051510013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1914SpotZen Evo 2000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White12,6PDF
369-03041540013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1305Wide floodZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Grey8PDF
369-02041540013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1305Wide floodZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, Black8PDF
369-01041540013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1305Wide floodZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wide Flood, White8PDF
369-03041530013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1305FloodZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey8PDF
369-02041530013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1305FloodZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black8PDF
369-01041530013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1305FloodZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White8PDF
369-03041520013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1305MediumZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey8PDF
369-02041520013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1305MediumZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black8PDF
369-01041520013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1305MediumZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White8PDF
369-03041510013GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1305SpotZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey8PDF
369-02041510013BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1305SpotZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black8PDF
369-01041510013WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1305SpotZen Evo 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White8PDF