Express Checkout Counter Solutions – Efficient buying process

Constantly thinking about the checkout area for different store formats, ITAB has developed a wide range of express solutions that can be a suitable solution for a small store or as an additional unit in a belted checkout area for increasing the customer flow during peak hours. 

Convenient solutions for different store formats

Consumers expect convenience and to have their time well spent. Waiting in line can be very frustrating, especially when someone wants to buy just a few items, and queuing time is better to use for shopping instead. We have created express solutions with different configuration possibilities, a modular setup, and throughput. 

At ITAB, we design our express checkouts with the idea that the work of the cashier can be performed in an ergonomically well-organized area, and the work efficiency might be increased.  

Adding extra functions to our checkouts, we create the most suitable store solutions where customers have less than 5 items or limited floor space, such as convenience and service stores. Express counters can be a brilliant complement to the belted checkout counters, least in grocery environments that require a well-thought-out disposition to increase the customer flow during peak hours.  

ITAB offers different express checkout systems for all store formats with many configurations that allow having the checkout in a different shape with a wide range of accessories adapted for customer needs and expectations. 

Improved consumer experience

Together with our customers, we continue to develop new express models that are more organised and have even more different options. 

We build checkouts to be an extension of the store, and we develop them exclusively for our clients. Our express checkouts emphasise the concept not only in the complete checkout area but throughout the whole store.

Efficiency and service

We create express checkouts that can provide better customer service thanks to the store staff having face-to-face interactions with their customers. The well-organized working area lets cashiers work efficiently and faster. 

Our Express checkout solutions