• Full-fledged workstation with small footprint
  • Integration with cash management systems, LED lighting or shelves on the front side
  • Ergonomically well-organized area
  • Standing and sitting working place
  • Different decoration possibilities

The Straight IV checkout system has a significant number of configurations that allow having a checkout with a different length, placement possibilities, and a wide range of accessories.  

Express checkout belongs to Straight IV checkout family and has a similar design. A space-saving cash desk that has been developed to increase throughput and provide maximum utilization of store space. The counter is equipped with packing options at the side to increase flexibility, but can also be advantageously mounted in line for additional space-saving. This express checkout works excellent as individual counter in small format stores or as additional unit in supermarkets during the peak hours.  

The concept ensures easy and fast assembly of the checkout and accessories thanks to the minimal number of components. High-quality materials provide long and reliable usage of the checkout counter 

Technical specification

Dimensions HxLxW mmH 960 x L (1105-1910) x W (790)
Weight kgca. 130kg (max.)
Operating temperature+5 to +35 °C
LED lightYes
Packing area alternativesone-size option
Payment optionspreparred for most common payment options
Ergonomic normsLV20
Scannerspreparred for most common scanners
Operating conditionsIndoor, max.70%

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