Small and flexible self-checkout for card & cash

  • A compact clear design with alternative models for a wide variety of applications. (X1 / X2 / Hybrid) and adaptable appearance with optional lacquer in any RAL colour or set of colours.
  • Several cash payment integrated modules available in addition to card payments and Optional storage and shelving configurations available in certain models
  • Safe against mistakes and fraud attempts with weight-scale as purchase validation.
  • Hybrid: A compact, clever solution to achieve flexibility between manual and self checkouts and is fast to reconfigure in response to sudden shifts in customer flow
  • Hybrid: Provides both increased customer satisfaction and optimum staff utilization.

When automated cash payment handling is required but space is limited, Modular is the right MoveFlow version to select. It’s smart, minimalistic look and small footprint provides the desired functionality in almost any situation, whether in a small kiosk or pharmacy or utilized as an Express checkout option in a supermarket. Available as a hybrid variant. Meaning it can be used as both a self-checkout or a manned checkout: When customer flows vary throughout the day, you can adapt service to need without any space restrictions. MoveFlow Hybrid is convertible between high-speed, staffed manual operation during peak hours, and lean, fast self-checkout during off-hours. Our creative solution offers a full flexibility dual-mode in a single checkout station.

Technical specification

Dimensions HxLxW mmWidth: 1410 - 1750 mm Depth: 720 mm Height: 1400 mm
Weight kg170 - 200kg
Voltage220-240VAC 50-60Hz Max 3A in total
Operating temperature+10 °C to +30 °C
Customer displayYes
Packing area alternativesWing Sizes: X1 / X2
Payment optionsCard & Glory / OEM prepared
Ergonomic normsADA guidelines
Scanners3550, 9300 and 9800
Security solutionWeight verification by security scale
Operating conditionsAmbient humidity: 30-80% Storage humidity: 30-80%