Self Checkouts – Self service at your choice

To get maximum throughput through your checkout zone, ITAB offers a variety of self service checkouts, from basket to bag solution to trolley to bag, to fit all your needs of consumers.

All self checkout use state of the art technology to make the checkout process easy and secure for the consumers. With our own developed software and production of hardware, we make sure that our solutions are easy to use as well as with top reliability

With help of our checkout analyse tool we can maximise the throughput

No consumer like to wait in line, so to get the most throughput in the checkout area, ITAB analyses your transaction data to set up the most efficient layout of self-service units. By checking the number of transactions, average shopping bag and when the purchases occur, we can make sure we set up the most optimal solution for your consumers.

With the right amount of basket to bag units for smaller purchases to our belted solutions for bigger purchases, we make sure every consumer have a solution that fits his/her shopping bag. 

Ten years of development of our software and hardware have led to "easy to use" software and reliable and secure hardware to give your consumers a frictionless shopping experience.

Improved consumer experience

Giving the consumer an option to checkout through any SCO no matter how many articles the consumer has purchased. With an efficient SCO area, queues and waiting time will be reduced to a minimum, creating a positive shopping experience.

Reduce operational cost

One attendant can manage up to eight self checkouts reducing the operational costs.

Increase efficiency and service

As one attendant can manage several SCO units, the throughput per staff will increase and staff can spend more time to give service to the consumers.