The facade of Bednarkes showroom enlightened with ITAB Retail Lighting solutions

Illuminating excellence in automotive design and service

This project involves the creation of a new showroom for the Bednarek dealer group, reinforcing Volvo’s position in Poland.

Bednarek’s strategy focuses on enhancing the dealer network and improving service quality. Volvo, renowned for catering to discerning customers, prioritizes comfort, safety, environmental consciousness, and distinctive design.

ITAB, in collaboration with the customer, provided tailored solutions in each showroom that align with the dealer’s and consumers’ preferences while upholding globally recognized lighting design standards.

Our task encompassed illuminating; the showroom, the select area, car release zone, and service area. The project’s final phase involved illuminating the facade, transforming it into a distinctive showcase for the company.

Crafting a unique experience

This implementation draws inspiration from past projects and experiences, developed in close collaboration with individuals responsible for the network’s expansion and maintenance standards in Poland. A team with architects, equipment specialists, and the dealer worked closely together to accommodate individual needs, resulting in a showroom that meets the premium brand’s standards.

The last stage of the project was the lighting of the facade, the changing background of which became a unique showcase of the company. The decor adapts to the client’s ambiance, actively participating in local and global events through light projections on the facade. For instance, on 6th June (Sweden’s national day), the dynamic facade showcased the Swedish flag.

Retail Lighting

Tailored brilliance

This showroom fulfils the criteria of a premium brand. The decor adjusts to the client’s atmosphere, actively engaging in local and global events through facade light projections. By selecting the appropriate facade colour, the company can align itself with diverse events and current market trends.

Strategic lighting

Anticipation for future collaborations

The successful collaboration has led to planning and executing similar setups for implementation in various other client projects. This expansion highlights our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and fostering long-term relationships with our clients. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and remain dedicated to providing exceptional services and cutting-edge solutions.

View over Volvo car showroom at night with ITAB Retail Lighting solutions
View over Volvo car showroom with ITAB Retail Lighting solutions