Complete concept for a hypermarket with an instore feeling

To deliver a full-service shop concept to a hypermarket of the size of La Luguenze in Argentina, is a stimulating and challenging task.

38,500m2 full-service shop concept

With its 18,000m2 indoor and 20,500m2 outdoor facilities, La Luguenze can serve its customers with virtually anything they might need. The goal with this project were to serve consumers in the best possible way, and find cost and time saving solutions and design.

Full-service commitment

Our full-service commitment incorporated everything: lighting systems, racks and shelving, checkout and self-checkout systems, lockers, and customized furniture.

A light and airy experience

Today, the consumers enjoy shopping in the light and airy store. Especially appreciated by both La Luguenze and the consumers are the curved racks and shelving systems in stainless steel, which we designed for the Winery and Fruit and Vegetables areas. The round shapes give a particularly welcoming feeling and can be found in several places in the store, including the perfumery department, the lighting and various special furniture items around the store.

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