Inspiring grocery experience on paradise island

At Run Market, located on a French island, east of Madagascar, you can find 5000sqm inspiring grocery experiences, packaged into a modern, but local look.

Searched for a new solution

When Run Market looked for a partner for their new concept, they wanted one single partner; one to take care of the complete project from retail design to installation of the interior, gates, safety solutions, efficient checkouts, and cost-effective lighting.

Store development and brand identity

After reaching out to ITAB, the project started with an analysis of the layout. This helped to define an efficient and logical consumer flow through the store from the entrance to purchase.

The brand experience was discussed and, after hours of collaboration, we decided to go for a modern and inspiring look. A French touch, together with use of strong local values, should attract the right consumers.

To achieve a relaxing and comfortable environment, materials like wood and stone should be incorporated with thoughtful lighting design.

The food and goods were to be illuminated perfectly. General and decorative lighting were used to add guidance and uplift the design.

All areas were then designed in context. The entrance got gates and railings to guide and prevent backflow. Displays, shelving and counters were formed to both support the wanted feel and to get a reusable modular shape. The checkout area was designed to enable a high throughput, less queues and a high level of service to the consumers.

A satisfying store experience

When entering this store, it feels like walking into a natural part of the island, but in a modern grocery format. The consumers are welcomed by the inviting interior as well as the lighting and get a comfortable journey throughout the store from the entrance, through the different merchandising displays, and to the checkout. Returning consumers and increased dwell time is a good result for the store owner, who plans further openings of the concept.

Energy savings and safety solutions reduce overall cost

The use of the latest lighting technology in bespoke solutions, set up in a thoughtful way, helps the store owner reduce their energy consumption. Safety solutions such as gates and other details in the checkout design help to reduce fraud and potential losses.

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