Loss Prevention Podcast: Part 1/3 | Unpacking the $100 billion shrinkage challenge

In today’s ever-evolving retail landscape, one persistent challenge demands immediate attention: Loss Prevention.

Major retail giants in the United States, including household names like Target, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot, are grappling with the formidable issue of inventory shrinkage. This ongoing problem has steadily grown, resulting in a staggering $100 billion loss, which is reshaping the entire industry.

However, this challenge is not limited to a specific timeframe or location. Across various regions, retail crime has surged, underscoring the global nature of the issue. It’s a universal concern that necessitates innovative solutions in the realm of Loss Prevention.

Topics covered in this episode

This episode takes a deep dive into the intricate world of retail losses.

The podcast is hosted by ‘The Retail Podcast,’ featuring guest speaker Leandro Blank, a renowned expert. Leandro draws upon his extensive experience to enhance this crucial discussion. Tune in to join engaging conversations, lively debates, and a comprehensive exploration of the pressing issue.

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  1. Beyond Theft: An In-Depth Exploration of Loss
  2. The Balancing Act: Strategies to Mitigate Theft Risk Without Interrupting Business Operations
  3. Harnessing Data: Paving the Way for the Future of Loss Prevention
  4. Loss Prevention: A Pathway to Growth and Profitability

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