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Beleuchtung für den Lebensmittelhandel

Creating well-illuminated fresh food sections is a powerful way to enhance the space for food retailers. Food deserves customised lighting to be displayed at their best. Custom light sources tuned to different food groups with the addition of optimised reflectors show fresh foods in the best possible light and reduce wastage.

LED - the best food lighting recipe

Food wastage is a hot topic for consumers and a cost for the grocery sector. Intensely focussed light can dry out fresh foods. Our oval beam reflector reduces this hotspot, the chance of damaging sensitive fresh food items while making them look their best and helping keep food fresh longer. 


High quality optic elongates the normally round light image to give increased control over what is illuminated. The result is food desks that are lit-up evenly and without any bright or dark spots. No light is wasted, and the focus of the customer is drawn to the produce without distraction. 

We have helped many customers in the fresh food sector to have the fresh food look as good as it tastes. 

For one of ITABs customers in Germany our lighting design mission was to support the customer journey and create the desired experience in all fresh food areas. Different colour temperatures and beam angles helped to present organics, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish in the best possible way.

Lighting for every fresh food need

The butcher’s shop

To bring out the red colours in meat, high quality red rendering and saturated light is needed. Lighting fixtures fitted with our red meat COB deliver a strong red and saturated light. Our marbled meat COB strikes a careful balance between red rendering and faithful reproduction of white making sure marbled meats and charcuterie looks its best. 

Straight from the cod

“Fresh” should be the first thing in customers minds when looking at seafood. Our 5000K COB 

for fish gives seafood a cool, fresh & brilliant look.

At the bakers 

The scent of freshly baked bread is a great sales tool in stores. Illuminating bakery goods with our 2400K COB ensures this section looks invitingly warm and golden as well. 

The farmers market

Fruit & vegetables come in all colours of the rainbow. Our 2900K produce COB offers high colour rendering of the full spectrum of visible light for the best, all-round result.

Most of our larger size tracklights, downlights and pendants can be fitted with Food COBs and/or Oval Beam reflectors - we’d be happy to assist you in your projects!

Unser Beleuchtungsprogramm für das Frischesortiment


COB Type Delivered Lumen Output (lm) Colour Temperature (K) System power (W)
Bakery 1500 1480 2400 24
Bakery 2000 2090 2400 39
Seafood 1500 1520 5000 13
Seafood 2000 1880 5000 15
Seafood 3000 3000 5000 28
Seafood 4000 3950 5000 39
Produce 2000 1900 2900 19
Produce 3000 2970 2900 31
Produce 4000 3600 2900 39
Red Meat 1500 1420 2000 22
Red Meat 2000 1950 2000 31
Red Meat 2500 2360 2000 39
Marbled Meat 1500 1460 3000 22
Marbled Meat 2000 1960 3000 31
Marbled Meat 2500 2380 3000 39

Unsere Food-Beleuchtung