Welcoming entrances

There is a right way in - and out - of your store

The first encounter with a store

A store must be inviting and welcoming. The entrance can be used to catch a customer’s attention and create recognition. With our entry systems, your customers are guaranteed to feel welcome. They will quickly and easily find their way into the store and will also pass the checkouts on the obvious way out.

Goods worth EUR 12 billion are stolen from stores throughout Europe every year. We have made it our business to protect your store. We have a wide range of theft protection solutions that work as both visual and physical deterrents. A well-functioning entry/exit system also helps reduce shoplifting and theft, while optimising customer flows, guiding your customers in the right direction and creating sales-promoting flows.

Flexibility in a system

When we design an entrance and exit system, we start by looking at the customer flow and how we can optimise your customers’ movements in the store. We look at the checkouts and the self-checkouts and what solutions are best suited to your checkout area.

We manufacture and fit out the system to meet your requirements. To ensure you have great freedom of choice and a high level of flexibility, our products and technical solutions are available in several versions, for example manual or electronic gates, and in price classes to match all store formats and budgets. You will find them in everything from hypermarkets to DIY stores and small corner shops around the world.

Innovative, efficient, safe systems

Although our products have been around for more than 30 years, they are innovative in terms of design, function and theft protection. This is our USP. They meet all European safety standards and are CE-marked where necessary – and we always include advanced safety functions such as Child Safe to ensure that your youngest shoppers are also safe.

Even thoughwe have often been pioneers, we do not rest on our laurels. We are on a constant journey of exploration and continue to develop our offering to meet future requirements. We apply new technology in our constant striving to enhance the customer experience and increase safety and security in store. Examples include our new mobile solutions and barcodeless checkout. 

Our entry and customer flow products

We believe in making things easy. So we build our entry and flow systems in standardised dimensions to make it easy to adapt them to the conditions in your store. This also makes it easy to change your entrance when new needs arise.

 We have a wide range of entrance and customer flow systems in various designs and price classes. We have solutions for everything from corner shops to hypermarkets.

See our entrance and customer flow products here.


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