Profitable Investment

We offer checkout solutions with high efficiency and a short ROI

We offer a world-leading range of highly efficient manned checkouts and a wide range of self checkouts, incorporating sustainable, innovative solutions, efficiency, security and ergonomics. Our checkout arena concept includes all products from measurement of customer flow at the entrance to cash management, customer support, monitoring and exiting.

If you choose ITAB as the supplier of your self checkout solution, we are responsible for ensuring that your system is complete and functional from day one. With a return on investment (ROI) as short as between 12 and 24 months, our self checkouts are one of the best investments for your store on the market.

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Self Checkouts

Always open, with the right staffing at the right time

Interest in new methods, secure payment and efficient checkout processes in stores has increased dramatically in recent years. With a self checkout solution, you can always have a checkout open, at any time of the day or night.

The manned checkouts are optimised to cope with peaks and the staff are available for more service-oriented tasks in the store at other times.


Manned Checkouts

For personal service

Do you need to increase your checkout capacity in the existing area available? Or do you need to free up space with fewer, more efficient checkouts? When it is time to invest in new checkouts, we help you analyse what you need based on your store area, your customers and their purchasing patterns. 

We calculate, simulate and build the solution based on our long experience and extensive knowledge of store flows, capacity measurements, ergonomics and new trends. We can offer you a complete solution for the entire checkout area.

Here we present a small selection of our wide range of manned checkouts.

ITAB_IQM_In Que Merchandising.jpg

Maximum profitability in your best sales area

In Queue Merchandising (IQM) increases the chances of your customers making impulse purchases in a queue situation as goods at the checkout have a magical power of attraction.

Our IQM solutions are flexible, modular shelf systems for optimized product exposure at the checkout. They are a natural extension of our checkouts and other customer flow products.

Product Sheet


Call Forward

Our Call Forward queue systems speed up queues and reduce waiting times. They can be adapted to one or more queues and virtual queue systems.

We have Call Forward-systems for retail, restaurant environments and solutions for efficient queue management in the fitting room environment.

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Product Sheet


Service & Maintenance

We offer service and maintenance agreements so you can increase the service life of your ITAB products and keep them looking fresh. Every day of the year, we service and maintain checkouts throughout Europe to ensure that the equipment is in top condition, working perfectly.

We have unrivalled knowledge about and experience of our products and how they work. All ITAB service engineers/fitters have undergone our service training and are authorised. So they are experts in every last screw and part of your checkout or entry system.

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