Entrance system and customer flow solutions


The right way in, and out

We have the products to guide your customers the right way into and out of your store. ITAB’s entry systems and exit solutions are available in several versions and in price classes to suit all store formats and budgets. You will find them in everything from hypermarkets to DIY stores and small corner shops around the world. 

The range includes both automatic and manual gates, posts, railings, partitions and accessories such as call forward systems and In Queue Merchandising products. 


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ExitFLOW is our efficient, secure exit system that guarantees payment in a self-checkout area. It is a complete solution for your Checkout Arena and includes customer conductor rails, posts, gates and a scanner for verification of exit access for self checkout customers.

  • Our new ScanMaster Upright scanner, an "all-in-one" solution that includes all necessary software
  • Read receipts, two-dimensional bar codes (eg QR codes) and receipts of mobile devices
  • The scanner is placed on top of the pole, a solution more similar to those found in e.g. subways and airports
  • Available as a stand alone solution

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Automatic gates

Our automatic gates can be fitted with a number of different configurations, control systems and accessories, everything from a simple, manual pushbutton to more sophisticated automatic sensor devices. They can also be connected to your own customised control system, for example a fire alarm or data system.

If you decide to fit one of our automatic gate systems in your store, you can choose between different access functions. Choose the one that suits your store best.

  • Welcome – always open
  • Secure – an alarm is issued if someone exits incorrectly
  • Standard – opens when someone approaches the gate
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Mechanical gates

If you have sectors in your store that do not have such strict security requirements but where you need to create clear entrances, exits or passages, our mechanical gates are an extremely effective, cost-efficient solution.

As reliable as they are practical, they can help you divide or block off a sector of the store, guide customers from the entrance to the checkout or function as a navigation aid for customers in a store with a large range of products.

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Gate Arms

We offer a wide range of gate arms for different needs.

See our range of gate arms in the guide below.

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ADS Direction alarm

Do you want to increase security in an unstaffed area? The ADS direction alarm maintains security, particularly in entrances and emergency exits. It is a freestanding solution with an alarm sensor, and may consist of a post, automatic gates and/or queue guides, according to wishes and the available area. 

ADS detect incorrect motion patterns. If a customer passes in the wrong direction, ADS emits a signal or a recorded voice message if you choose the voice box option. With the Secure configuration, the gate automatically closes if an alarm is emitted, preventing the customer from leaving the area in the wrong direction.

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Maximum profitability in your best sales area

In Queue Merchandising (IQM) increases the chances of your customers making impulse purchases in a queue situation as goods at the checkout have a magical power of attraction.

Our IQM solutions are flexible, modular shelf systems for optimized product exposure at the checkout. They are a natural extension of our checkouts and other customer flow products.

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Call Forward

Our Call Forward queue systems speed up queues and reduce waiting times. They can be adapted to one or more queues and virtual queue systems.

We have Call Forward-systems for retail, restaurant environments and solutions for efficient queue management in the fitting room environment.

If you want to know more about our Call Forward systems, find your nearest ITAB sales contact here

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Screen walls

Partitions are a neat, cost-efficient way of dividing off different areas of your store or increasing security for certain product categories. They can be used as a freestanding solution or in combination with an entry solution. Partitions are available in several different designs and can easily be adapted to your specific requirements. They can be colour-coordinated with your store concept.

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Shop Accessories

Our range also includes a large number of accessories that will make your life easier in your store. To protect your store and equipment against hard impacts and collision damage, we offer a wide range of protection products and collision protection devices.

We have barriers for fast, reliable queue management and several In Queue Merchandising solutions that turn waiting time into shopping time, increasing your revenue by means of greatly increased impulse sales.


Service & Maintenance

We offer service and maintenance agreements if you want to increase the service life of our products and keep your entrances fresh-looking. Every day of the year, we look after tens of thousands of entry systems throughout Europe to ensure that your equipment is in top condition and works perfectly.

Our knowledge about our products is unrivalled. All of our service engineers and fitters are experts in every last detail of your checkout or entry system. They are authorised and trained in our entry systems and have undergone our service training.

If you want to know more about our service and maintenance agreements, find your nearest ITAB contact here