Sintek® drug storage for pharmacies & hospitals

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Logical solutions for drug storage

The handling of medicines and drugs requires professional accuracy. For many years, we have worked closely with the pharmacy sector to develop functional storage solutions that are perfectly adapted to pharmacies on different geographical markets. Our products also meet the requirements of hospitals, clinics and nursing homes for the storage of medicines on wards.

Several of our innovative, flexible solutions are patented. They are quite simply storage solutions for medicines that do their job.

Product Sheet

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StockFlow is one of the world’s leading fittings systems for medicines management. It helps maintain reliable procedures for picking, handling and refilling. The medicines are stored so they are visible for quick, secure picking. Refilling is a logical process, reducing the risk of mistakes and enhancing the quality of operations.

The modular system is very versatile and easy to install. By integrating objects such as combination trays, drawers, baskets, worktops or cupboards, you can increase flexibility and usefulness. As needs change, it is easy to add units to your existing StockFlow system.

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Carrousel is a shelf concept with the focus on maximum efficiency and simplicity. It is suitable for fast-moving products in a hospital pharmacy, for example. 80% of prescription medicines are within one metre of the checkout. As a result, the pharmacy staff do not need to leave the checkout and they can have maximum contact with customers. 

The transparent front edges make it easy to see all the contents. The sloping shelves rotate separately and help ensure that older packs are not left behind as they automatically slide to the edge when one is removed. The compartments are filled from the rear and can be extended to make the process easier. 

Carrousel is available in two sizes. 



Efficient storage of drugs

Flat Draw is a shelf system with drawers designed for volume storage of drugs and medicines. It meets two important pharmacy requirements: space-saving storage and high storage capacity in a minimum of area and easy access to the products stored.

You can use Flat Draw to organise drugs efficiently, permitting you to improve your working processes. The drawers are fully extensible and self-closing to ensure optimum ergonomics. Dividers make storage tidy and clear. Flat Draw is available in two heights and can be combined with wall-mounted shelves. Supplied with an integrated digital code lock in each module.

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Prize-winning shelf system

Rombic is a shelf system for pharmacies. It has been recognised by Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) for its excellent design. The design of the system, with sloping, fully extensible drawers, makes it easier to store, find and pick medicines.

As the drawers are filled from the rear, there is no risk of older medicines being overlooked. The system actually guarantees ‘first in, first out’ (FIFO) as packs slide forwards to the edge each time one is removed. Rombic is modular and can easily be built to the size you need.

Product Sheet

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Service & Maintenance

We offer service and maintenance agreements so you can increase the service life of your systems and keep them looking fresh, ensuring that your equipment is in top condition and works perfectly.

All our service engineers and fitters are experts in every last detail of your equipment. They are authorised and trained in our systems and have undergone our service training.

Want to know more about our service and maintenance agreements? Find your nearest ITAB sales office here