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Creating a zone of control

New approaches to managing self-checkout losses.

This article aims to outline the impact that loss through self-checkouts (SCO) can have on a retailer, and how ITABs prevention solutions can minimise loss, without impacting the all-important consumer experience.

It is estimated that a Grocery retail store that has some indicators of elevated levels of overall risk, with annual sales of approximately £40 million, is likely to experience at least 140 trolley pushouts a year (almost three a week), costing in the region of £31,500 a year. Put another way, it is calculated that trolley pushouts may account for approximately 4 per cent of all unknown stock loss (shrinkage)¹.

Many retailers have developed a significant amount of knowledge and experience managing various types of self-checkouts, and there are several retailers who are now implementing prevention solutions to control SCO loss.

¹ Beck, A. (2021) Controlling Trolley Push-Out Thefts: An Evaluation, page 6 in the article.



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