Solution Design

Consumer expectations and overall shopping needs are ever-changing, impacting market dynamics and the demands on retailers investment priorities.

Through ITAB Solution Design expertise and approach we help brands Rethink Retail. Together. Our unique approach encompasses a collaborative journey where we work together with brands to collectively reshape and elevate the retail landscape.


Solution Design is all about understanding the consumer and retailer dynamics. From researching consumer data and the latest retail trends, we bring these insights together to create market-ready solutions that deliver measurable results for retailers.


Through Solution Design we create with purpose and measure the success. Our creative workshops and strategic round table discussions help to bring cross functional teams together and aids decision making.


Right first time is our motto and we make sure your success lasts. Working with the latest trend and customer data, we use quantitative & qualitative research methods to curate and support the solution.

Areas of support

In today's dynamic retail landscape, understanding and meeting consumer needs while driving business growth require a multifaceted approach encompassing research, stakeholder engagement, data analytics, and innovative design solutions. Our services offer a comprehensive suite of strategies and tools designed to empower retailers to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

How to unlock your brand’s potential

Experience the complete brand transformation. We translate your identity into a captivating store concept by fully immersing ourselves in your world. Our customers trust us for our proven 5-step plan. Curious about how we achieve outstanding results? Discover our success story with Sport 2000 and see our approach in action.


Co-creating solutions through an agile process



Learning about the target audience and gaining a detailed understanding of the challenge in which we are aiming to solve. source insight and consumer data both quantitative & qualitative to allow a deep dive analysis.



Define the areas of focus by understanding the end-to-end consumer journey whilst stress testing current productivity and operational efficiency data. Client workshops to explore the latest thinking and support the ideation phase.



Brainstorm and value potential solutions including all aspects of the research data and consumer analysis. Formulate potential solutions and co-create the chosen ideas to develop further.



Focus group and customer input. Iterate, refine,
and develop the solutions through technology and engineering development and prototyping out the



In-store testing and iteration – including both pre & post-measurement with consumers and colleagues through hot house integration of design & stakeholders.

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At ITAB, we’re all about helping brands Rethink Retail together. Let’s collaborate to shape the future of retail. Don’t hesitate to contact our Solution Design team with any questions, ideas, or if you’re interested in scheduling a workshop!