Small and cylindrical pendant: Pendix midi

  • Minimalistic, cylindrical design
  • Available in various sizes and lumen packages
  • Available in white, black and grey
  • Die-cast aluminium for optimal cooling
  • Long life and low weight

Clean-lined and small sized cylindrical pendant. ‘Chip on board’ technology with high-quality reflectors and four different beam spreads. Lamp housing of die-cast aluminium for optimal cooling, long life and low weight. For indoor applications. Product available in other Kelvin temperatures on request.


Specifiche tecniche

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)
363-03041540199GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1300Wide floodPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wideflood, Grey9,4PDF
363-02041540199BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1300Wide floodPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wideflood, Black9,4PDF
363-01041540199WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1300Wide floodPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Wideflood, White9,4PDF
363-03041520199GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1300MediumPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey9,4PDF
363-02041520199BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1300MediumPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black9,4PDF
363-01041520199WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1300MediumPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White9,4PDF
363-03041510199GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1300SpotPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey9,4PDF
363-02041510199BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1300SpotPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black9,4PDF
363-01041510199WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1300SpotPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White9,4PDF
363-03071540199GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2700Wide floodPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Wideflood, Grey20,7PDF
363-02071540199BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2700Wide floodPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Wideflood, Black20,7PDF
363-01071540199WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2700Wide floodPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Wideflood, White20,7PDF
363-03071530199GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2700FloodPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey20,7PDF
363-02071530199BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2700FloodPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black20,7PDF
363-01071530199WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2700FloodPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White20,7PDF
363-03071520199GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2700MediumPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Grey20,7PDF
363-02071520199BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2700MediumPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, Black20,7PDF
363-01071520199WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2700MediumPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Medium, White20,7PDF
363-03071510199GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)2700SpotPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Grey20,7PDF
363-02071510199BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)2700SpotPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, Black20,7PDF
363-01071510199WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)2700SpotPendix midi 3000, 930 (BBBL), Spot, White20,7PDF
363-01041530199WhiteOn/off930 (BBBL)1300FloodPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, White9,4PDF
363-03041530199GreyOn/off930 (BBBL)1300FloodPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Grey9,4PDF
363-02041530199BlackOn/off930 (BBBL)1300FloodPendix midi 1500, 930 (BBBL), Flood, Black9,4PDF

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