Merchandising & Product display

Through the use of visual merchandising, we work with customers to translate brand values into innovative product-level displays, to inspire and engage consumers and to influence buying behaviour.

Turning the brand experience into physical reality

New channels have provided consumers with more choice in how they shop than ever before. The challenge for brands and retailers is to differentiate their brand experience from their competitors. We support our customers by co-creating engaging visual merchandising experiences, interactive product range displays and digital theatre. All of these considerations improve the overall store environment, concept design and consumer satisfaction.


Understanding the markets, challenges and opportunities

Research conducted with consumers around the world informs our approach to the challenges facing our customers. We know that consumers do not choose products solely for their functional characteristics or value. They are driven also by emotional attachment, which can be reinforced through engagement with strong storytelling, visual merchandising and stimulating product display in store. This in turn serves to boost brand loyalty and provides additional reasons for consumers to return.

Brand new shopping journey for Elaraby Egypt

The challenge for Elaraby was to improve the brand experience. A holistic approach from ITAB tackled this in numerous ways.

Efficient layout design improved the shopping journey and consumer satisfaction; this new layout, in turn, facilitated improved visual merchandising, in the shape of individual branded experiences with in-run, shelf-top level displays and large, imaginative Shop-in-Shop branded displays.

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