ScanMate, one single cashier operates two lanes for increased efficiency

  • Closing the gap between self-checkouts and manned checkouts – a hybrid solution. The presence of a cashier leads to higher customer acceptance
  • A ScanMate with one cashier can serve up to six customers
  • Item separation solution which also turns bottles
  • Simple integration to a POS, the ScanMate is a barcode scanner
  • Protects against mistakes and fraud by using big data, algorithms and security scale

Two checkout lanes manned by a single cashier for efficiency and service for the consumer. The automation leads to almost doubled staff capacity (or halved staff cost). Built on innovative, sustainable components for long-term usage. An advanced 360° barcode scanner system that can identify items with barcodes facing any direction. The integrated security and produce scale are used for verifying weight of the identified item and to sell weight-required items, e.g., fruit and vegetables. Streamlined and user-friendly GUI for the cashier. A modern solution with broad versatility.

Technical specification

Dimensions HxLxW mmLength: 5450 - 6850 mm Width: 1100 mm Height: 1430 mm
Voltage220-240VAC 50-60Hz Max 3A in total
Operating temperature+10 °C to +30 °C
Customer displayYes
Packing area alternativesDual lane
Payment optionsCard & Glory prepared
Ergonomic normsADA guidelines
ScannersDimensions prepared for Magellan 3200V &3450
Operating conditionsAmbient humidity: 30-80% Storage humidity: 30-80%

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