• Extensive vinyl protection bumper
  • Prepared for the installation of standard types of scanners, cash drawer, and protected by plexiglass protection panel.
  • Potential for cigarette box integration into the checkout cabin
  • Modularity
  • Counters have a wide variety of additional accessories

C-MAX checkout line has a suitable solution for each store format. All components are produced using high-quality materials to make the checkout reliable in operation.

Technical specification

Dimensions HxLxW mmH 870 x L (1600-4000) x W 1150
Weight kgmax. 450kg
Voltage230VAC 50Hz
Operating temperature+5 to +35 °C
LED lightYes
Optionsleft/right, wide/narrow packing bay, Single/Tandem/Island
Packing area alternativeswide/narrow packing bay
Payment optionspreparred for most common payment options
Scannerspreparred for most common scanners
Operating conditionsIndoor, max.70%