• Ergonomically designed to minimise range and unnecessary movements
  • Simple installation
  • Prepared for common registers and payment systems
  • The checkout can be equipped with roller-table, belted-scale or roller-scale
  • A generous administration area, prepared for everything: from a central processing unit to a trash bin

The CheckMate Tandem checkout is most suitable for stores where customers have less than 15 items or limited floorspace, for example a convenience store. The checkout counter is a smart complement to the larger checkout counters, not least in grocery environments that require well-thought-out disposition to increase the flow under the peaks. The counter is equipped with packing options at the front to increase flexibility, but also can advantageously be mounted in line for additional flexibility. Check Mate Tandem also works excellently as individual counters in small format stores, such as convenience stores or corner shops.

Technical specification

Dimensions HxLxW mmLength: 2500-2950 mm Width:1250 mm Height: 970 mm
Voltage220-240VAC 50-60Hz Max 3A in total
Operating temperature+10 °C to +30 °C
Customer displayYes
Packing area alternativesDual lane
Payment optionsCash & Card payment/Prepared for CG/Prepared for Safepay
Ergonomic normsApplicable to swedish recommendations ADI566
ScannersDimensions prepared for Magellan 3200V &3450
Operating conditionsAmbient humidity: 30-80% Storage humidity: 20-90%