Powerful one-directional wall washer ExO 1 NA

  • Product is title 24 compatible
  • Delivered standard with Nordic Light 1 circuit adapter. Alternatively available with J or L 1C adapters and NL 3 C adapter
  • Very easy to adjust and flexible spacing
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical light distribution in the same design
  • Available in white, black and grey

A powerful one-directional wall washer ideally suited for even and smooth wall washing in any retail environment. The ExO 1 can be spaced far apart on the track and still provide effective lighting. This results in lower initial, installation and running costs. Indirect lighting minimises glare resulting in a calm yet bright retail environment where light, and the consumer’s attention, is focused fully on the goods on display.

Track -based wall washer for indoor applications. Product available in other Kelvin temperatures on request.


Technical Specification

Product CodeColourControlCRI & light colourDelivered lumen output (lm)Light distributionProduct NameSystem power (W)
311-75011-30GreyPhase dim930 (BBBL)2650FloodExO 1 NA 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, NL 1 adapter, Grey30PDF
311-75011-20BlackPhase dim930 (BBBL)2650FloodExO 1 NA 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, NL 1 adapter, Black30PDF
311-75011-10WhitePhase dim930 (BBBL)2650FloodExO 1 NA 3000, 930 (BBBL), Flood, NL 1 adapter, White30PDF